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Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Arrival


 The “American Idol” judge dared to bare … and it paid off. Lopez’s plunging Zuhair Murad gown not only caused a ruckus on the red carpet, but during the Oscar broadcast as well. When she was onstage presenting with Cameron Diaz, the Internet was buzzing about the fact that she had suffered a wardrobe malfunction … but it seems her double-sided tape did its job just fine

She looks classy in this, a confident woman and she knows what she wants,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


That is so her..... This was in 1986 when Angelina Jolie first graced the Academy Awards red carpet with her father  Jon Voight, who was a Best Actor nominee that year. At just nine-years-old, Jolie probably had little idea she would later win an Oscar, endure a seven-year rift with her father, stir up scandal with her brother and rule the arrivals as one half of Hollywood's most famous couple.

Adele Again

Soulful songstress Adele capped a momentous year of Grammy Awards triumph and medical woes with a double win at the U.K.'s Brit music awards Tuesday, taking prizes for album of the year and best British female solo artist before making an obscene gesture after the show's host cut her acceptance speech short.

Two trophies, including British male solo artist, at an energetic ceremony in London.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Awards-Red Carpet Arrivals

Rihann... I think she is beautiful and she looks great
 Nicki Minaj....  whats up with the pope?
Katy Perry....  Katy, why do you keep changing your hair colour? perfect matching katy

Adele....decent one!!!!!!!!!!!!So refreshing!!!!!!! it is really a good example for the young generation of artists,
Fergie... Fergie, you should re-think your fashion idea.

Bruno Mars... he is so hot i love him
Robyn .... This looks like an oversized mens white tshirt and what are the boots for? This outfit is not even worth wearing out of the house
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz
Wiz Khalifa (L) and Amber Rose
My boy Common
This is Gulliana. Presenter E!entertainment, The perfect Outfit

Adele...yes she is.

Adele wins for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video, and Best Pop Solo Performance at The 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

Adele is beautiful and talented! she is so good!! size isn't what matters its class and talent,

She can sing live better, than on record. She loves her body and herself. She actually sings, using her whole body rather than just her throat like most artists. She is simply amazing. Well done Adele, you deserve every Grammy you won.
Definitely SHE ISone of the greatest talents out there in a long time.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Noves Moses: Dealing with journalists, the public, government not an easy task

Working as a senior manager in public relations is not only a job, but it ignites the passion inside her. It is more like dealing with people, government agencies and foreign agencies as well as serving as a link between the staff and the management - which is the most preferable area in her job.

Noves  Abdon Moses, since being designated as Chief Manager Corporate Affairs of the Tanzania Postal Bank, she has several tasks to do as to make sure the Postal Bank is well known. It is to publicize to the clients and the public at large, having close dealings with the media and organizing different events internally and outside our borders.

“As the chief manager corporate affairs I have to perform all those tasks and because I have a background in media issues and knowledge of it, the work is not really hard to me. I am happy with achievements of Postal Bank so far,” she declares.

Noves is proud of what she has done so far and realizes that these contributions relate to the two area of background work she had, that is banking and knowledge of the media.

“I had two knowledge bases before I started working in banking, having worked as a journalist on Sky-Fm in 1999, also writing some articles in The Guardian newspaper. So I did the task as a journalist, gathering news and writing news as well as broadcasting different programs on radio,” she explained.

Noves is a journalist by profession with a good combination in educational qualifications for and her work title, as she holds a degree in international relations and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Once she completed the university degree in 1999, Noves started looking for a job, fortunately in September succeeded to find a job at Sky-Fm as presenter and news writer. She used to present social programs and afternoon programs covering cooking receipts and so on.

“I really love being a journalist and presenter,” she says, citing Flora Nducha as her most influential person as her classmate, and Blandina Mongezi who was her boss at Sky FM. “She encouraged me at every stage, and also advised me to start writing in newspapers,” she elaborated.

Really, Noves started to write for The Guardian newspaper while working as a presenter at Sky Fm, and in 2003 she decided to look for greener pastures after Barclays Bank announced vacancies.

She really loved being a journalist, but life change from being single to family as well as economic needs growing and changing, so she needed to uplift her economic situation. So she applied for a job at Barclays Bank and fortunately she got it.

“I go to work at the bankers’ which was really difficult to me, because it was like I had started primary school again. I had not done anything concerning banking, so I learned there everything up to 2005 when I shifted to Barclays head office and worked at customers care, becoming head of the customer care unit in 2007,” she said.

Life goes on, and in 2008 the Tanzania Postal Bank announced a vacancy, and the good thing is she did apply and succeeded to get the job, employed as Senior Manager Public Relations where until now she works. She was also recognized as corporate affairs fellow and is now chief manager corporate affairs.

Since she start controlling the department Noves is more proud of her work where she analyses that people are more aware of the services provided by the Tanzania Postal Bank.  The message is sent to the target audience and to the public at large, that is why she gets good feedback from clients locally and externally.

She says that she works to maintain good relations between fellow staff, as well as between staff and management where there is plenty of feedback.  The task involves building a communication network within the organization, so she keeps informing staffers and manager what is going on in our institution. “That is part of my job, so am really proud of it,” she affirms.

Handling the media has brought many challenges, Noves said. She explains that she faced a lot of challenges especially when dealing with people. But as a communication person she has to know how to handle various situations of the staff and overcome the challenges.

“I used to conduct press conferences as part of the job. Press conferences need journalists from different organizations but when you invite 10 journalists they attend more than 15 journalists and a good communicator you don't need to shout over them because some other day you will need them,” she asserted.

And the vice versa is also a challenge  to her happens in her career, is when she needs 10 journalist for coverage and publicity and at last they attend only two or three journalist at the sometimes she need a huge coverage at the next day.

Another challenge she faced is misunderstanding of the message, she said that sometimes you can deliver the message to the public and the public perceives it differently from the original intention.

All this challenge made her go one stage and being steadily matured in her career. So she advises other people especially women to work hard in order to achieve their goals, and on opportunities for girls being wider right now. So the task for girls is to study and work hard.

“Our president has provided lots of opportunities to women so we have to put more effort on studying and work hard so as to go far. In the public relations department women are doing better than men so that is our chance to take over the field,” she added with a smile.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


 our venue was like this
 wakiingia ukiumbini, angalia kwa nyuma vizuri, alisindiikizwa na wadogo zake wa kiume,
 Pia alisimimawa na wadogo zake kama unavoona,
 Stunning as usual, this is our Bride subira
 Prayers hazikukosekana, kila kitu kinaongozwa na mungu na hata kufika hapo ni mapenzi yake mungu
 Huu ulikuwa muda wa kupeleka cake, msimazi wake alimsaidia kuendesha hicho kigari mwenzangu.
 Bi harusi muhimu kutoa neno, ila hapa ulikuwa unakaribisha watu chakula eeh?
 with her family
 Hayaa waap Mwasambungu....
 Where is my husband to be,,, Huu muda huwa unasubiriwa na watu wengi wasiomjua bwanaharusi, haya sasa ndo huyooo
 Twende mwayatukale.. suby with haer husband mr Ventureee

Mr and Mrs Venture kama hukuwaona vizuri ndo hao sasa with happy faces
Shoga yangu jaman huyo wa sinza akiwa na bi harus.