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Friday, May 27, 2011

from presenting at Clouds FM to managing events

Very fussy with how she presents  her work,  she is a person who prefers things done in a certain way and not anyhow. A very open person to people that she  comes to trust, she is organized, neat and  a bit nasty when it comes to confrontation, though she is not difficult to get along with.

She is owner and managing director of the PR and events firm, One Plus Communication. Fina Mango, whose entire working experience is tied to two places, from 1999 when she completed high school education and joined Clouds Fm as trainee presenter.

“I have worked at Clouds ever since until my hastened departure in 2008. With Clouds I held various posts, from being a presenter to studio manager where I handled all matters that concerned presenters and their working environment. Then I moved to managing Clouds Fm's marketing and corporate events for the duration of my employment,” she said.

In 2007 Fina started to her own PR and events firm she is  currently running, specializing in managing events for corporate entities along with corporate communications or public relations requirements.

“1Plus Communication is my heartbeat right now. I have only one objective really, to grow and grow and grow, ” she said.

Up to creating and managing her own firm, Fina Mango was influenced by one person, who taught and shaped her to be a good entrepreneur.

“Ruge Mutahaba is the one. He taught me most of what I know today in the business for this market, and gave me the survival instincts I practice daily. I owe a lot to him. The culture that he cultivated in  us at Clouds FM  is what I am still holding on today, with a touch of reality of course with my team,” she explains.

Being a small business, cash flow can be a serious set back. Fina identifies this as one of the key challenges in her career. She says that sometimes clients take up to  three months to make payments and during the peak season she might have three to four jobs at the same time and they all expect their events to take place and payment to come after. This way, stress becomes part of the job.

“It’s a tough market but I am grateful because I have a dedicated and hard working team, and we have always managed to satisfy our clients by more than 90%, if I should say so myself,” she affirms.

This has given Fina and her team an edge and managed to retain most of their clients and get new business from word of mouth.

Fina says that to hold 1Plus Communication is a big achievement to her. She has a  latest entry and chapter in life, namely a beautiful baby, Ben Joseph Lemm Mango.

“He is my pride and the new reason to continue working hard and never put my guard down. I love him to bits,” she explains.

Fina said that it feels good to be able to have a say what happens and goes on in your life financially. Securitywise,  she advises women not to wait for the “gender wagon” to progress in life or to obtain the life they desire. Women should work and earn what they want in the old fashioned manner.

“New challenging projects for 1Plus Communication and one more baby with God’s blessings, is the only future plans I have right now,” she says.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Billboard Music Awards

Performed her new single, "Run the World" at Billiboard Music Awards

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)' Video Premieres

After creating classic clips za nyimbo kama "Ladies Single (put Ring on It)," "Crazy in Love" na "Ring the Alarm," BeyoncĂ©  arudi kwa kishindo tena na video ya nyimbo yake mpya "Run The World (Girls)

"I just heard the track and loved that it was so different: it felt a bit African, a bit electronic and futuristic. It reminded me of what I love, which is mixing different cultures and eras -- things that typically don't go together -- to create a new sound,"Beyonce said.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Helping to uplift others most rewarding experience

Having been a broadcaster for almost six years she sought to help and support widows, children and  young girls, helping and supporting them in many ways, advising and showing the right way in their lives. She is a sort of agent to bring the light to many people, especially the main body of her audience. 

“Six years in broadcasting is not a long journey but am proud of changing the life of someone and  making joy come up their faces, for example there was one person who through me she is now studying at Minaki Secondary. At first he did not have any education assistance. I connect him to the Clouds FM director who is providing financial assistance to him,” she said.

Dina Marios is her name. She is the brand manager and presenter of a four hour program, Leo Tena  aired at Clouds FM from Monday to Friday, presenting lots of things concerning the daily life of cityresidents and their surroundings.

“I put all my effort and mind in my work. I make sure each single day I have a new thing talking in my program and that is what keeps my show active,” Dina said.
she is  being influenced by Fina Mango, a former presenter and currently managing director of One Plus communication company and Oprah WinFrey.

“Over the years I have been influenced by Oprah Winfrey. I do not seek to live like her but I try to follow her footsteps in what I do. What I want is success like what she has in the media industry and by watching her pushed me to think and come up with creative ideas everyday. That way it is possible to improve the show continuously though it is not as easy as that,” she said.

Dina has handled the program for five years now, which she sees as an achievement. “It is not a small issue to be the presenter and keep the program alive until today, having many listeners all over the country,” she says. Before Clouds Fm she was presenting at One Radio in Arusha for a year, before picking up the Leo Tena Program at Clouds FM.

Talking on creativity, she succeeded to introduce the competitions for recognizing and empowering housegirls and their work called the best housegirl

“The competitions brought positive impacts on the girls as at least housegirls started being respected in society, with people starting to recognize them as vital persons in their homes and scared to do miserable things to them like it was the case before,” she said.

To be a role model of others is one of the achievement that she can stand and said she made it. She is happy because a lots of people ask advise and consultation to her and most of them are students who are studying broadcasting  only because they want to be like her.

“I want to be a role model for the younger generation especially in broadcasting. The goal is to inspire youth to concentrate on positive things in their lives and make positive contribution for their families and the entire society. A lot of young people come to me ask for advice and say they want to be like me, which makes me feel that I have done well,” she elaborates.

To lead the four hour show all weekdays is not a game and it comes with lots of difficulties and challenges. She face a lot of shortcomings but this is all in the nature of her job as the big challenge is to take the program to even higher levels. Becoming a celebrity while at the same time you need privacy is her most formidable problem.

“This kind of job comes with popularity. You find lots of people who believe in you and have high regard for you. It is challenging because you have to live in a way that conforms to their expectations in a moral sese in order to protect the trust they have for you.Yoiu must keep away from scandal and other things which can destroy the trust that has been built about you,” Dina firmly explains.

Plagiarism is one of the challenges that Dina Marios desperately opposes. Ordinarily it is not unethical but other presenters copy what she done, while she gets nothing for making their work easier after she had a hard time thinking on comingn up with a new thing.

“Most presenters lack creativity. They wait for others to do something then they copy it the way it is. I don't like this habit because personally I often have to skip sleep in thinking about what new thing to produce in my show. After introducing that item you then hear other people do the same thing you have done, which isn't nice but it is all part of challenges as in each sector there are challenges,” she says.

Challenges like these push her to produce more and more new things as it shows that those people accept her work, and she has done a good job, that's why they copy her ideas.

To face challenges does not mean that she is going back but reinforces her wish to make a lasting impact as a radio presenter.

“I have a lot of dreams in my life. I want one day to hold my own company to produce programs, and perhaps take part in a radio and television enterprise in order to provide employment for others. Soon I will introduce a new television program which I am sure it will create a new vision in television programs concerning lifestyles,” she further says.

She is calm, social  and respectful of her visitors without discrimination. She advises fellow women to take courage and don't be afraid to work and stop excessive gossiping as it retards them in potential for improving their situation in life.